Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rails, Ableton... And Swedish?

Where am I?

Well, there are currently 3 things I am learning - Ruby on Rails, the programming language, Ableton, which is a digital music production/performance utility, and Swedish, which is of course a language.

I thought that instead of trying my best to go over homework, instructional videos, tutorials, worksheets and so on, I would do my educational learnings in the form of a repetition to a blog, which I could later peruse at my own convenience for revision sake as well.

I will try and get a whole backlog going so people can one day read one of the three logs from start to finish and MAYBE EVEN LEARN SOMETHING.


  1. Never heard of Ableton before..

  2. Absolutely brilliant music creation tool, huge community using it and very powerful too. If you are interested in that kinda shit, check it out.

  3. I know German... Very close to Swedish.

  4. Oh cool! I've been meaning to learn a foreign language, but I keep putting it off, hahaha.
    cool blog ;D